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What’s a Crepe?

 Crepes are skillfully prepared daily with precise measurements to guarantee its freshness and incredible taste appeal; it is seen as a type of thin pancake.  There are two popular types of crepes: sweet crepes and savory crepes.  Savory crepes are unsweetened crepes that contain flavorful fillings like cheese, egg various meats and nutritious veggies.  On the other hand, the sweet crepes consist of healthy fresh fruits and a variety of mouth-watering toppings.  At Peachy Berry, we offer both savory and sweet crepes.


What’s Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea is a delicately prepared drink, which includes specialty ingredients and your unique choice of add-ons to make your drink even more appetizing.  Bubble tea’s most popular add-ons are the small chewy tapioca balls and lychee textures.  At Peachy Berry, we offer a wide variety of bubble tea versions.  You can pick from the original milk tea, juice tea to the flavored iced bubble tea.  Each version of our ever-so popular bubble tea drinks has its own uniqueness in exquisite taste. 

What's Banh Mi aka Baguette?

‘Banh mi’ also known as the prevalent Vietnamese baguette has been an instant phenomenon in recent years in many parts of the world.  It has also been classified n America as the “#1 street food” (as seen on the NY Times).  The baguette is filled with fresh veggies, meat and other homemade ingredients to fulfill all your taste buds, even the most difficult ones!  The uniqueness of the baguette is like no other in comparison.  At Peachy Berry, we offer several different types of ‘banh mi’ selection, each with its own appealing presentation and delicious flavors.


At Peachy Berry, we offer over 75 assortment of toppings to top your yogurt with… (green color are fruit toppings)

At Peachy Berry, our yogurt flavors are constantly changing.  Below are some of the abundant flavors we offer:
Alpine Vanilla
Blueberry Burst
Butter Brickle
Cable Car Chocolate
Cake Batter
Chocolate Classic
Cookies and Cream
Country Vanilla
Dulcede Leche
Dutch Chocolate
Fancy French Vanilla
Georgia Peach
Irish Mint
Island Banana
Luscious Lemon
Mango Tango Sorbet
New York Cheesecake
NSA Chocolate
NSA Strawberry Banana
NSA Vanilla
NY Cheesecake
Original Tart™
Outrageous Orange
Peanut Butter
Pecan Praline
Peppermint Stick
Pomegranate Raspberry Sorbet
Red Velvet Cake
Rootbeer Float
Very Boysenberry
Very Raspberry
Very Strawberry
White Choc. Macadamia
White Vanilla
* only 10 flavors available at a time    
1.    Blackberries
2.    Blueberries
3.    Brownie Pieces
4.    Cheesecake Bites
5.    Chocolate Sprinkles
6.    Chopped BUTTERFINGER
7.    Chopped HEATHTM Bar
8.    Chopped Peanuts
9.    Chopped REESE'STM Peanut Butter Cups
10.  Chopped TWIX
12.  Coconut
13.  Cookie Dough Pieces
14.  Diced Almonds
16.  Graham Cracker Crumbs
17.  Granola
18.  Mango
19.  Mini Chocolate Chips
20.  Mini Gummi Bears



21.   Mini M&M'sTM
22.   Mint Chips
23.   OREO Cookie Pieces
24.   Pineapple
25.   Rainbow Sprinkles
26.   Raspberries
27.   Carob Chips
28.   cherry
29.   chopped snickers
30.   kiwi
31.   lychee
32.   Mandarin orange
33.   marshmallows
34.   Mochi mango
35.   Mochi orange
36.   Mochi strawberry
37.   poping boba (mango)
38.   poping boba (orange)
39.   poping boba (passion fruit)
40.   Strawberries

41.   Yogurt Chips

42. Banana

Peachy Berry also offers a variety of syrup to complete your yogurt cup:
Chocolate Fudge
Caramel fudge